HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Mahalo for your interest in the services of Maui Equestrian Photography. I have just completed the new photo gallery and have it now online!. Thanks to all of you who have been so patient, my first program wasn't going to work easily enough for you or me but this one is GREAT!

I will be adding photos of the 1st HHSRA show this week, so remember to check back! If you don't see your photos yet, let me know and I'll check my collection. Click here to check out the NEW Gallery! Call me with any questions, 264-1833.

If you have a child, or you were a participant, in the HHSRA on Maui or if you were in the last MHSA Show, I have most likely already taken photos that can be purchased. If you want to view or purchase them check them out here, photos.mauiequestrian.com or call me at 264-1833 or email me at photos@mauiequestrian.com and I can email you thumbnail samples.

Photos can be delivered to you via email (provided you have sufficient email box capabilities), sent on CD or DVD, or picked up here in Kula. Prices, options and additional info available below.

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For anyone who is interested, I am posting some of my PBR photos from Fri & Sat night here. Due to poor lighting, and being halfway up the bleachers, I wasn't able to get the bright, sharp photos I was hoping for but they're still fun! Download them as you like, they are complimentary for your enjoyment.

more to come by Dec 1... check back!